Loxion Kulca
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    South Africa
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    Pep Launch

lock-shin/location: is unique to South Africa and the term is used country wide to describe: townships, ghettos, disadvantaged, under-developed areas and in some instances it refers to “home”.

Nowadays the ‘loxion’ is a hub of culture, history and extravagance as its residents pride themselves in moving forward and flourishing in the new democratic South Africa.

The brand, initially an informal enterprise of hand-made items that was started with only R17,50, has now grown into a corporation that reaches the entire country and neighbouring states, through various license agreements.

Through the success of the brand, the founders have been able to align themselves with various youth and development projects. The projects range from entertainment, art, sport, cultural activities and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The brand was born in Johannesburg and since its entry into the market, it has been the embodiment of popular culture. It draws on its inspiration of authentic African principles of ‘ubuntu’, which govern the nature of our corporate partnerships.

Today Loxion Kulca is one of the leading local authentic brands in Southern Africa.
Always adapting to this ever-evolving industry, Africa’s No.1 people’s brand has now partnered with Dunns, who were instrumental in the initial launch of the brand in the late 90’s, to bring you BACK TO THE STREETS.
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